Why I Hate to be called a “mistress”


Female head of household,
Female Schoolteacher,
A woman in a Sexual Relationship with married man,
Married lady’s Title

Other than “Woman in Authority”, The word Mistress has different meanings that changes with the context. I doubt that the Dictionary must have been created by a bunch of Misogynists. As the euphemism, which gets reflected from this word, gets me angry every now and then. It irritates me more when one uses that word to address me, even without confronting me first or letting me explain WHY I don’t want my self to be called as such…

” Mistress changes with pages of a book, but a Dominant always remains a Dominant.”


2 thoughts on “Why I Hate to be called a “mistress”

  1. That is what you are called. Sorry, that’s just what people who are looking for people who practice the domination aspect of bdsm are called or just anyone who advertises professionally as a person that you can meet for some type of sexual kink/encounter. Some guys have girlfriends or wives and are looking for someone to satisfy some kink that they are not getting. You would not be considered the significant other and I doubt that is what you want—then you would be the other woman otherwise known as the mistress.
    Also, why does anyone have to wait for you to explain why you don’t want to be called______? What am I supposed to call you before you get around to explaining why you don’t want to be called a mistress? Or else that is how you open your conversation, there is no way to predict that someone is going to know whether you like to be called a mistress or not? Also not everyone is a mistress, there must be a reason that someone is calling you a mistress—you must advertise somewhere, work someplace or go to a location where you could be mistaken as a mistress if not, you won’t be called one. That’s like a policeman dressed in uniform complaining that he doesn’t like to be called a cop because of X and Y. You don’t get to make that choice. Nobody sees a regular guy on the street with a plain T-shirt and Pants, no badge or nothing and just says “Good morning, Cop”—Likewise, you statistically have a higher chance of being called a bitch than a mistress.

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