August Rain

It has rained so damn heavy through the day, in fact it still is!  And I guess I know the reason.

This is not the first time it is happening. Even if I could, i wouldn’t stop it. Somehow I enjoy the rain, so very much. The stormy winds, the loud flashy thunder, the heavy rain that fogs the sky so dense that I cant see much apart from my close proximity. It feels like a moment of nothingness, like you don’t even exist. There is no past, No beginning, No worries, No thoughts, just the water that almost drowns you in… Its like a moment frozen in time.

Some years back, probably in year 2000 it rained the same, so damn heavy, And that time I used to be with my “Angel”, my first BDSM partner/BF with whom I spent years of kink exploration.

We both loved rain, and we used to have this terrace trips all the time when it was raining. It would be a perfect time for some open-air sessions where we know we would not be seen by anyone.  We used to bring his water mattress(waterbed) out , spread it a little away from the edge of open terrace and lay on it for hours… watching the rain pour all around and doing evil things to him while he is restricted in bondage of any kind.. be it ropes or chains. The raindrops would drench us time to time, and it would just add more fuel to the ever burning fire.

I remember one evening like that when we were on terrace one heavy rain filled evening. I had whipped him hard with my belt before going up to the terrace. His ass had fresh red bruises and every moment he took to set up the waterbed on terrace, reminded him of his previous beating. We were in our casual fun mood and he had taken his clothes off, kissing me adoringly all over. He continued to arouse me even more with his kisses and tried to take my shirt off while we were making out.

I remember how I had suddenly stopped him when he was unbuttoning my shirt. He had this sexy yet questioning look in his eyes, full of lust with submissive anticipation.

I had always enjoyed looking at him like that. He was glowing, i touched his cheek with my fingertips. His skin felt so soft under my touch.  I asked him to stand up and take a few steps back. He smiled his shy smile and got up to do what i asked him to, first doing a 360 degree turn, showing me his rapidly turning purple bruises so very proudly, which he knew would turn me on immensely. he stopped to stand directly in front of me, a few steps away.

I looked at him for a few seconds, and asked him to take two more steps back. He did it instantly with a smile. Every time he took those steps away, I asked him for two more, till he was almost at the edge of the shade and only a step away from open terrace. He was slightly shivering with cold yet he was not yet under the direct heavy fall of rain. After a moment of silence I got up and stood in front of him but  two steps away. Time stood still as we looked at each other, standing there.

With deliberate precision, I then asked him to take two more steps back.

He knew what I wanted now.  He closed his eyes for a moment, deliberating the outcome of his obedience to my command, or the lack there of. 

Few more seconds like that, and then he did it. Slowly took that one step, his back now drenched with the constant cold rain. A shiver of cold ran down his spine, I could see that clearly from where I stood. He took the next step just a moment after, and this time he was directly under the fall. The thunderstorm was heavy and we were at the height of a fifth floor.  He was shivering , looking at me, wanting to fold his arms and get whatever warmth he can, but the look in my eyes dared him to even move an inch more than what I asked him to. He stood motionless, trying to get used to the cold.

I pointed him to kneel down, he complied.

I asked him to grab his ankles with his hands, and  spreading his knees open. He took a deep breath and pulled his chest high. He held his ankles and open himself as a lovely obedient slut he was. 

He started at me intensely. I stared back with a hint of a naughty smile on my face. He closed his eyes, shivering, looking up at the sky, rain falling directly on his face, and his neck open and inviting, for a collar or even better.. for a bite.

I grinned. That moment was a pure bliss, looking at him do that for me, for my pleasure. His desire to fulfill my wishes no matter what. It brought me – what i call a ‘domspace orgasm’. Its not physical, but psychological blast of pleasure within.

It was definitely one of the best ones ever.


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