I’m waiting.

As long as i can. just to see how much of this I can take this time. The hunger, the driving need. A hint of masochism it is, i won’t deny it, but sometimes, one has to see to the end of things, sometime. May be this is my time.

Although, i’m not at all playing without options. I’ve a sub in my city, a new one who is willing and eager to meet me. First timers always have a good quality in them, the passion to please. So he will be worth the hassle if i decide to have him.

But thats a long way before I decide to lay my hands on him. About the three guys i talked, now that i’ve successfully dashed them away from me, i feel a bit relieved. I do not really know why, but i do.

Last day i was talking to a friend of mine who knows what i’m going through right now. He said to me, what i wanted to hear in one sentence, “you want the highest intensity of a session without even touching the guy.” And the reason ebhind those three choices was that you know them. they know you. They know how it is about your mind first, then any physical aspect of it. They know what you want, and they probably know how to give it. Wherelse none else does.

May be for the very first time, he is probably 100% right.


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