Loving Female Authority.

I Agree with the point it makes, and i also think its quite essential to make any F/m D/s relatioship work. But the biggest misconception that can be taken from this is that it potrays the male as a weaker sex. Its not a case, most of the subs out there who think of LFA, are the ones who aren’t ready to take responcibilities for the relationship yet, and want to leave it upto female partner. They don’t seem to understand that whatrever label that you give a relationship, its still a both side’s responsibilities to make it work in balance.

I’m a bit skeptic about the LFA as lifestyle, may be because i’m a sadist, and there is a part of me, who is into total physical pain, hurt, humiliation fo rthe sub, no doubt, i love the submissive for being willingly able to accept it and want it. But still its not gonna be a downright total LFA relationship, by definition that is.

I always used to think that giving names to a relation so close, so pure, and so honest, is like restricting it. And thus, i’d not say me and Ember have an LFA. Its more on the side of equality, he has similar chances of making his voice heard, than that of mine.  he has the same authority to work on his doubts and take decisions about his life, as I think my self to be an individualistic kind. thus, i allow him the liberties.

The key sentense here is, I ALLOW him all of that. The problem arises when things start being taken as granted.

Cause then comes the time for strict measures and discipline.

And again, who doesn’t like it? Smiles.


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