Dark clouds…
Gathering up, on that calm sea,
And … a lightning strikes…
I am feeling that sudden change in me…
This hunger, this craving need,
This blood thirst… possessing me once more,
I hunt for a pure innocence… on this barren shore.
My solemn pledge to my self,
“This must end…” turns to ashes,
From the cloud… rise slow voices…
Whispering cries in my ears,
” … Think of the severe wounds…”
I fear, the storm comes with dazed end,
This might get worst once for all,
Yet I yearn to deprive, to conquer…
Like a vampire, it captures my soul,
The need for blood n passion n life,
Glowing tears reflects images of evil knife,
Would I be able deceive purity,
I’m not shocked I will,
But will I be able to heal???
Damn, it’s so bad…
All I can see is black intense darkness,
Hear is muted sobs from dry throat,
Feel is burning passion in every nerve…
Except these constant yells of fading light,
failed to distract the desperate beast that night,
Saying, *no* over n over again…
As She search for the peace within ruined remains.


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