Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!!

I’ve had my fair share of good men and not-so-good men in my life.
May be just a bit more than fair share, actually.
I mean, think about being bombarded with hundreds of requests in form of emails, messages, chat invites, etc., by all kinds of men, wanting to be ‘dirt underneath your shoes’ and all. And when ignored they have a lot of nasty things to say and even nastier things to do.

Again, it’s a curse that comes with being public about your sexual inclinations. Especially in India, and more especially when you are one of the very few females who are dominant and aren’t afraid to say so.

Anyhow, After long years, my relationship is now over. It had made me numb to start with, but now am coming back to normal. I mean, As much as I am irritated by large number of males, there are quite a few I have ended up liking. And that’s the reason, I am going to continue my search, for the mr. right , and in my case mr. right submissive.

And I guess at least out of 100, there will be one who is worth for all other 99 that I have interacted with. At least there will be one who would know how much it means to me that even after a heavy scene with lot of pain involve, he would hug me close and tell me that it’s okay to be such a sadist.

Wish me luck. With that search.


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