“One of those nights…?” said the voice of the invisible person.

“Guess so…” said the insomniac.

“You look different today” said the voice.

“And you look different too…” said the insomniac smiling.

A muffled laugh. The sound shuffling across the room.

“What would you do if someone someday notices your presence?” in the insomniac asked lighting up a cigarette.

“Do your thoughts keep you awake or do you think them up because you can’t sleep?” asked the voice.

“We play…sometimes I keep my thoughts awake and someother times my thoughts keep me awake. We both need each other.” replied the insomniac blowing a thin stream of smoke.

“What would you do if someone someday notices your presence?” asked the insomniac again.

“Who’s turn is it today then?” asked the voice.

“Mine…” said the insomniac.

“And what are you going to write about today…?” asked the voice.

“A story in which a young writer catches Calliope’s attention. Calliope – the chief of the muses, the oldest, wisest and the most assertive of the muses. She helps him write his best works and he becomes a very popular author. His ideas fresh and original. But the young writer is obsessed with Melpomene. He wants to someday write a great tragedy. A story that would make his readers question their deepest emotions…” said the insomniac.

“The word ‘muse’ and the word ‘amuse’ have the same root…” said the voice.

“So what happens then?” asked the voice.

“Calliope tries hard to win the writer’s love but his heart is taken…it is Melpomene that he wants. He asks Calliope to leave him. Melpomene accepts him. But from that moment everything goes wrong in his life. His books don’t sell anymore.” says the insomniac

“In a year he is poor and out on the streets.” the insomniac yawned.

“What then?” asks the voice.

The morning birds twitter in a distance – the first sign of dawn.

“He wanders around on the streets still thinking about the greatest story ever written. Melpomene only smiles. He asks her why he suffers. He tells her he loves her. One day she tells him that his quest is absurd and his own story is one of the tragic stories she has seen and it speaks magnitudes of a human being’s obsession and dissatisfaction. Disappointed, he starts looking for Calliope again but doesn’t find her ever again. He dies of starvation on the street next to a garbage dump.”

“The story of this writer is then written by another writer and is known as one of the best tragedies ever written. In my story all this is narrated by all the characters involved…the young writer, Calliope, Melpomene, the other writer.”

“Not bad at all.” says the voice.

“You haven’t answered me yet…”. Another yawn.

“Its almost morning…time for you to get your two hours of sleep” says the voice.

” But what would you do if someone…someday notices…”

“…my presence…” whispers the voice as the insomniac drifts into a dull grey slumber.


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