Training as a dominant?

Do i need to be a sub first, to be a better dominant?

anyhow, i agree at one point that, if u are talking about being a sadist, you should know how every thing that you’d use would feel to a sub. But that need not be how a submissive feels. I mean, it can be an absolute clinical way of finding out how a particular toy would ‘physically’ feel. That should be a responsibility as a dominant, so that he/she can gauge the toy’s effect better and use it to get the maximum advantage.

But psychologically, as we say, being dominant and/or submissive is absolute about heart and mind, and physical sensations add to make it more intense. So, logically, if i am a dominant, i would take the pain if i have to be a submissive, just to realise the physical effects.

but it would do nothing to make me ‘feel’ like a submissive, because the inherent emotion of a submissiveness wouldn’t be there inside.

Thus, on those lines particularly, It would not really help me to be a better dominant


One thought on “Training as a dominant?

  1. “”Do i need to be a sub first, to be a better dominant?””

    its a who give pain must know how pain tastes.. only then the intensity of the pain will be accurate.. Sadism in a BDSM aspect is different from the general aspect. in my opinion, generally, the sadists are usually cowards, they fear pain, they want to omit it from them, and finally it will make them happy to see wen they give the pain away to some another. on the other side, a maso love the pain, they are fair enough t\o play with it.. but it would be in a concord situation only if the sadist know how to give pain..(in a BDSM or D/S aspect.)

    so its true that a Dom should know abt the submissiveness to be a better dominant..
    just like only the loser know the real taste of victory..

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