okay, so here is why i left orkut and collarme and other places… to avoid the exact conversation that is stated below. Which in fact is now happening on fetlife too. sighs.

##somexyz## writes 10 days ago

Hi Madam kisses on ur feet. this is a male slave / 27 / ########. I have a little bit exp as a slave , and am trained to I luv 2be humiliated , and spanked and i am a true submisive guy. plz gimme an oppertunity 2 serve u. plz add me mistress

##somexyz## writes 9 days ago

i am still wating madam . plz gimme a reply atleast. real slave

My Reply – 8 days ago

thanks for asking, but if u read my profile carefully, i already have a sub that i am commited to.

##somexyz## writes 7 days ago

ma dat is great ur commited to ur slave. but i just wanted 2 be a friend and i cant be ur permanant slave, as i cant relocate my place. just wanted to keep in touch and if time permits or i am ur place 4 sometime. need to have some session. thats it.

Reading this irritates the hell out of me. I mean, this is just so unique to alternative lifestyle practitioners. specially female ones.

lol, i mean if u read it, it seems as if the guy is making it sound so simple, all he wants is a ‘session’ thats it! i wonder, if he also goes around asking females who are in vanilla relationship to have sex with him as well!!!


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