Last night, after a long time, I felt it. The current like sensation. Thousand times greater than the feeling of goosebumps. It started at the tip of my fingers and reached up to the back of my neck, then it went down through the spine, and spread all inside the body. Its that familiar surge of pleasure and power, that solely comes from the pure excitement of doing something that you’ve always fantasized about. something close to an adrenalin rush.

… and The activity was a mere act of ripping a vest [undershirt] off my partner Tiger’s body.

Being an active sadist in lifestyle from last so many years, i have done a lot of ‘pain-ful’ stuff which would make the submissive cry out uncontrollably at times. And it has become a part of me, a well known and well apreciated comfort zone for me.  I am not afraid of taking him there with me, to feel that purest of all emotions. 

For him.. Pain.

For me.. Power.

But this time, it was surprising. And the more i thought about it, the more it made me realise the small pleasures in life of a sadist. The ripping of clothes, was something i fantasized a lot of times, but have never done it. its like a foreplay that i thought it wasn’t as necessary to go through. I mean at times, it was just the simplest thing, why ruin his clothes while i can ruin him instead. 

last night, it was may be a bit of frastration from previous few nights i had spent with him.  I like my sub to be naked and available always.  And usually there were a few times when he kept wearing it, and i had to take it off him. 

May be yesterday, it was enough frustration that i ended up tearing it. in shreds. with bare hands.

and then we had awesome scene.

small pleasures. tremendous thrill.


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