A Birthday Gift

.. for my love, my submissive, Tigerpup.

Bound in darkness
Arms and legs stretched
Over a strapping bed frame

A soft hand glides
On his quivering flesh
A sigh escapes his lips

Her stroke turns to a scrape
His moan to a passionate groan
Eager anticipation grows

His trembles and shivers
Complemented by intensely sexy
feminine smirk of contentment

Skin on skin, they lie,
she whispers sweet words
of the delights of painful pleasure

Hands strain and wrists ache
as ropes, soft like her stare
captures him, holds him down.

She offers reassurance
as two smooth lips part to
embrace his nipple.

his body tenses, legs struggle
her bite piercing him
as she slowly drive him insane.

Tonight, she tests boundaries
taking him to the very edge
and tries not to break them.


One thought on “A Birthday Gift

  1. …… and how much can he take
    …… enough to please his Hedosnist Mistress needs
    will it be enough to be her slave…..

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