About Rape Culture

Because rapists aren’t incredibly evil scary monsters. A rapist could be your best friend, the guy who sat behind you in high school algebra, your parent, your sibling, your lover. A rapist can be the handsome football star; a rapist can be the beauty queen cheerleader. A rapist can be a feminist who says all the right things about anti-oppression and bodily autonomy. A rapist could be the lead singer of an indie rock band, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, an activist for free speech and transparency in government. The only thing that makes rapists different from ordinary people is that they rape people.

via Strictly Moderated: What I Mean When I Talk About Rape Culture, Part Two | No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz?.


One thought on “About Rape Culture

  1. very true… most rapist are persons that the victim had known intimately…. close friends & relatives… date rape is also more common than people might accept.
    i have recently written a post on how the unnatural sex ratio is leading to various social problems

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