The Me’s

inspired by writing from Black_helveticaThe me’s.

I’m many people.

1. I’m a twisted, perverted sadist who enjoys tormenting her willing/non-willing victims. Tears on my victims are incredibly sexy to me, regardless that they came from bodily hurt or mental torture.

2. I’m a monogamous yet poly amorous , loyal and person of principle. I don’t follow societal moral code, though i have my own belief system that i swear by. I give 1000% commitment to my partner in life/love and expect the same in return.

3. I’m a geek, i love my gadgets. i find intelligence to be the sexiest thing in a person. safe to say, i have a sexual attraction towards certain level of intelligence, whatever the gender may be. at the same time, i despise prudish, half baked show offs.

4: I’m a spiritual gender fluid person, converting fluidly between female to male at all times. Shiva’s ardhnarishwar image is the spirituality that i identify with.

5.I’m a female who enjoy having control over her life and environment. Lack of it irritates and aggravates me. person no 1 usually relives no 5 of her frustration by doing what she does best.

6.I’m a male who is protective to the edge of being possessive, and deeply emotional. I’m a masochist as i can go to any lengths to protect the ones i love. person no 5 makes sure to not let person no 6 go overboard as no 6 is a vulnerable, soft and lovable guy.

7. I’m a heterosexual in my gender fluidity. male in me gets attracted to females and female gets attracted to males, yet its the gender attraction, not related to body parts.

All of them stay within me, at all times. in their respective little compartments, sometimes not talking to each other for months. but they have learnt not to fight and let each other be. :)


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