How Kink saved my life…

I’ve always said Kink doesn’t delineate me. Being kinky is a great part of who I am. But it’s just that. A part. A facet. A dimension. Sometimes I hope other people also realize that they are so much more than just “kinky”. The possibilities are actually infinite. One needs to just stop focusing on this lone thing and take a step back to look at a larger picture.

For me, it also works as an expression. Mostly an expression of intense love; sometimes a therapeutic outlet of emotion. It’s not a leisure pursuit, and it’s not a profession. (Though nothing against those who consider it any of the above. to each it’s own.)

Being kinky has its affirmative effects along with its negative. Recently it’s been more positive on all grounds. It gets me calm, centered, dare I say spiritual! The only negative it gives is that it becomes the easy fix to get there. But the best thing that being kinky has done for me lately is that – it has saved my life! Ah well, sort of.

An early detection for any major health concern is always life saving. You get to know it better, stop it from getting worse, steer it in a course that is beneficial and healthy to you. Earlier this year, that’s what has happened. I think if I wasn’t into a certain few kinks, it would be much later that I’d come to know of my health risk.

I have been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. The method with which it was diagnosed first is a method that was used by ancient Romans. There has been a mention of this technique in Indian scripture of Sushruta Samhita as well. That method is one of the sure shot ways of identification of this ailment.

In the list of described Paraphilias, it’s called Urolagnia. For the sake of simplicity, in our kink world we call it – Golden Showers, water sports, etc.

A few months earlier, following one of the sessions that included indulging into golden showers, my partner mentioned it to me that I tasted “sweet”, which was rather new and a bit worrisome. Over the period of next few weeks, I got more confirmations about the same. I mean, who wouldn’t love to have a raison d’être to do certain kinky things over and over: P. The conclusion was that it was not a one-off thing. My urine consistently tasted sweeter.

Then it was time to get the medical verification. This, as expected, concurred. I began the treatment and got on a road to a healthier life. Few months down the line at the present, I’m well adjusted to all the lifestyle changes, have never been healthier and feeling better .

It could have gotten worse. Diabetes isn’t called a silent killer without reason. It has a very real likelihood of damaging vital organs beyond repair if it remains untreated for long. By being diagnosed quickly, I’ve been spared from many complications. So yes, I can boldly say, being kinky has saved my life.

May it save yours too!



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