Do you?

You rouse in me the sinister darkness that hides within, lurking about in nooks and crannies of everything kind and sweet that if not I am.

But do you know how to deal with once it comes out to play?

Do you?

Do you know it seeks to destroy your defenses, obliterate pretenses, and tear down every last brick of your crumbling wall?

Do you know it desires an utter compliance, an abject submission, surrendering all what you are?

Do you know it will push you unrelenting, farther – and further to the edge, till you relinquish?

Do you know it knows no boundaries, no restrictions, leaving no lines left to cross?

Do you know it solicits one thing and one thing alone – sacrifice, of your mind, body and soul?

Do you know it will not stop till you do? Never renounce till you have.

Do you?


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