I’ll Rape You

I will fucking rape you.
I will not tell you when it’s going to happen.
We’ve already discussed this. You’ve already consented.
I know you want it.
I know it’s what you need.
You know I crave it even more.
You want me to take you by surprise.
You want to feel it for real.
The fear, the threat, the hurt, all of it.
You want to let go. I want to let the monster out.
This monster that doesn’t play, but hunts. It doesn’t warn, but captures.
I want it rough, I want to ravage you.
I want to tear you open.
I will grab you when you least expect it.
I will force you when I feel right.
I will call you names, humiliating names.
I will not be nice.
I will be brutal, ruthless.
I will leave bruises.
I’ll restrain you, tie you up, blind fold you, and make you feel helpless.
I will slap and punch you when you try to fight back.

When I’m done using you..

I’ll hold you close.
I’ll wipe your tears.
I’ll tell you proud of you I’m. how you’ve let the monster have its fill one more time.
I’ll bring us back down to reality, with kisses and caresses.
I’ll tell you how much I love it.
This is love. My kind of love.

I’ll rape you.
I’ll love you all the more for it.


2 thoughts on “I’ll Rape You

    1. Boy, you sound JUST like Satan!!!
      Think you’re a god?
      he thinks so.
      Think abortion N homosism are cool?
      he thinks so.
      You must be a dick4brainz.

      Honor N respect Jesus, earthling…
      or Jesus wont respect you
      at death’s hour.

      Make Your Choice -SAW
      Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

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