I have been active in Online Indian Alternative Lifestyle Community since 2001 and still learning & Exploring the exciting world of pain and pleasure. To me, Journey matters way more than reaching the destination.

I’m at a best juncture in my life right now, intensely in love with my sub, my slave, my lover, my partner, my husband, all in one – MrPooky. I tied the knot ( Pun intended! ) in Feb 2011 and at present enjoying our life in a 24/7/365 “vanilla with BDSM topping” marriage. He is the light of my life and as cliché as it may sound, he is my soul mate. (陽)

Since June 2013, I’ve also been with MrTingles, who is one of the awesome-st people I’ve ever met on FL( or even otherwise! ). He is my “mini me”, who understands me and my dark depraved desires instinctively. He is the missing puzzle piece of my existence. (陰)

I cherish the deep love I have with DJ_Rules . We know each other since 2004 though it feels like forever. She is my closest comrade & family even though we do not share a blood-bond. I am also very ferociously protective about her.

Other notable friends who I care deeply for, are Asmi_eternal ,Serveswithhonor , SIG & DelhiGirl

I make friends slow, but when I do, I am there for them for life. I’m a loyalist at heart and that shows in my relationships and beliefs. I stand by my principles and do not compromise on my ethics.

I have also lost a few dear friends because of my ownder/moderator-ship of the biggest Indian Kink Community RIK on fetlife. Even though it makes me sad, I take it as a vocational hazard.

I’m born on cusp of Leo-Virgo, possessing qualities of both the zodiacs.Read more about that here. I think it matches my personality 64.78% (Remember all statistics are made up anyway :P).

I am a sadist, saying that, let me also be clear, being sadist is not just about the pain I wish to inflict. I also love total power exchange (TPE). Sensual and Strict is my style, and I am known to be wicked and naughty at all times.

After trying a few failed polyamourous relationships in past, I had given up on them ever working out in a practical way in Indian mindset. But recently I have decided to venture out again and invite a new member in my family, and I am still taking baby-steps in this equation to stay true to my feelings.

Personally, I do not adhere to supremacy of any gender in a relationship model. Even though I enjoy a loving authority on my submissive, at the crux of it, I believe in equality. Equal value and say in major life decisions for all parties involved.

I’m a Half-atheist & mostly straight forward. I Love talking & having intellectual and clever conversations. I try to blog regularly – here atLadyAconite.Wordpress.com , but often fail. That thing called life likes to interfere. At other times, I’m just doing something sadistic & kinky!

Night Sky fascinates me a lot! I feel a mysterious attachment to it which draws me in. Similarly heavy rains and thunder storms affect me a lot. They also turn me on sexually and emotionally. I am more of a close-to-nature person than a concrete-jungle-fan.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Like the new theme to your blog!
    Wonder what happened to Enigma :/

    Being a Vanilla fly on the wall…found your profile intriguing…
    Wishing you and your partner a wealth of everything you desire.

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