Beyond Limits

Twinkling candles flickered as I opened the door, stepping in. There was nothing else in the room, except the four poster bed and candles. And of course, him. This is where I’d always find him.

I entered the room naked and bare feet, all feline, making no sounds as I reached the bed. The candles were just enough to faintly illuminate the ambiance without disturbing his sleep. He was covered in a comfy satin sheet, lying on his side. He had a tiny smile on his face that I’d come to love. May be he was dreaming about us.

I smiled and walked around the bed, putting out some candles, making our room even darker. I stopped when I was right behind him. I stepped up vigilantly on the bed, sliding close to him, holding him from behind. He stirred a little but his sleep didn’t leave him and he unsurprisingly wrapped his arms over mine.

I held him wordlessly for few minutes, reflecting on my emotions. How much I loved him and wanted to torment him because of it. How much he cared for me, even after knowing all the terrifying things I was capable of putting him through.  All of a sudden he halted my train of thoughts as he shivered in his sleep, holding my arms tighter.  Even in his dream I was terribly cruel.

I pulled him closer, kissing his shoulder and nape of his neck, trying to relax him. He calmed a bit as I kept kissing the side of his neck, lost in passion that he ignited within. He was slowly emerging from his slumber; realizing the warm breath at his neck was not a fragment of his imagination. He tried to turn around, entirely awake now, smiling his innocent smile. I let him turn, looking at his perfect features. He unhurriedly moved his fingers to my forehead, shifting a stray curl away from my brow. We kept looking at each other, an unspoken dialogue of needs and wants.

He smiled his heart warming smile again, pulling me close and dragging me on top of him. I smiled back, pulling his hands, wrapping them around my waist. I moved down to kiss him full on his lips, ending the kiss in the ever so usual bite. He closed his eyes, moaning a little, driven by sinister yet soothing excitement. Inadvertently I moved my lips to his neck again, kissing and biting softly, leaving tiny bite marks all over. He chuckled a little, twisting his head to his side, exposing his bare neck to me, enticing me.

I jolted to a stop, pulling myself up and away from him, amazed at his invitation.  He sensed my surprise as he turned his head again, looking at me, speaking softly, “You want it.  I’ve known that for a while now. ”

He pulled me close again, continuing with a sincere smile, “I’m ready, take me.”

I felt frozen in those turbulent feelings; He was ready to break his own limits by tempting me. Did he really mean what he said?

I asked with a hint of urgency, “are you really sure?”

He pulled himself up, kissing me on my chin, speaking calmly, “you own me love.  I’m yours… to do with whatever you wish.”

I was elated. Like a small girl given a candy she wanted but couldn’t afford otherwise. I smiled, pleased as I kissed him softly on his lips, before getting up and away from the bed.

He leaned up on his elbows, staring at my back, trying to figure out just how deep a trouble he was in as I left the room.

When I came back, I held my hands behind and walked to the bed. He had inquisition written all over his face.

“Close your eyes”, I whispered. I wasn’t going to make it any easier.
He closed them instinctively, his absolute trust evident in his actions. I lied down beside him. He was peaceful, on his back, eyes closed, hands at sides, his otherwise naked lower half covered in satiny sheets. I pulled the sheets off him, exposing him, making him vulnerable to my touch.  He shivered slightly. May be it was the cold in the room, or just may be he had sensed the coldness in me.

I had brought my dagger for this, and this is the first time he was going to be introduced to it. I was holding it in my right hand that I moved to his semi erect cock, making the dagger tip align exactly on its hole.  I released my grip on the dagger a bit and let gravity do its job as the tip shifted downwards and it pricked him, sharply. He took a deep breath, keeping his eyes tightly shut. He tried not to move with all his might. Nevertheless, he couldn’t hide his trembling and his fingers curled to make a fist, crumpling the bed sheet in effect. I pressed the dagger tip a little further down, his lovely expressions converting into painful contortion.

I pulled my hand up, temporarily satisfied at the level of pain. Tonight, this pain alone wasn’t going to get me off.

He tried relaxing as I moved up the dagger from his cock to his navel, sliding carefully without cutting the skin. He stayed absolutely still not taking any chances lest he might get hurt – more than he would have to.

I moved the dagger further up, stopping at his throat, pressing a little. In response, he shifted his chin up, very slowly, afraid to be cut to death if he would try to gulp. It was a sight to behold. His courage was driving him tonight, attractive curve of his lips had turned into a hard line of resolve, and he slowly turned his head sideways, opening his neck to me – To give me what I so desperately wanted. I ran the dagger along his neck and reached his shoulder, just to run it back to his neck. He took a deep breath and held tight on the bed sheet, getting ready.

The next moment I got on top of him, my nakedness taking his in my warmth. He tried to relax but I could feel his frantically beating heart, showing me his obvious fright. My left hand caressed his right, forcing him to leave the sheet and hold it instead. Our fingers intertwined as he seized my hand, tight and firm.

I smiled down at him, kissing his exposed neck. He tensed up, knowing this is when it began, as my dagger came in contact with his skin. I made a small incision on his neck, swiftly cutting the skin with precision. He stayed still like a statue as few droplets of blood ran down, I moved swiftly and my lips lapped up the crimson liquid. A few more seconds and bleeding stopped as the cut wasn’t deep.

He was a little relaxed by now, the worst was over. He had allowed his fear to be overcome by his desire and he realized it wasn’t as painful as he expected.

I flicked my dagger again, cutting his skin at different place this time.  A warm flow of blood ran down from his shoulder, and my mouth reached it in no time.

He was positively glowing, eyes closed. A lone tear that ran down his cheek, but his lips were parted in an ever so sexy exhale. His hand didn’t leave mine that night. He had crossed his limits and My hunger wasn’t satiated yet.

The night was still young and I wasn’t even close to be done yet.


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