[His Perspective]

I woke with a start. A hand was stroking my cock, a hand that should have been in a city miles away. A nose nuzzled softly against my cheek. Then a finger slid down behind my balls and forced its way gently inside my bud. Warm breath tickled my ear.

‘when did you..’ I slurred in my sleep.

‘Shhh,’ She murmured. ‘I want to be inside you.’

‘But when did you come…?’ I started to ask.

‘Shhhhh. It can wait. I can’t.’ She said and Her body slid over mine, a mess of flesh moving so fluidly together.

I was so aware of Her, of the way She smelled and the way She felt, also the unmistakably rigid hardness that pressed against me. I touched Her face in an effort to see Her better in the moonlight. She kissed my wandering fingertips. I couldn’t help but smile.

‘God,’ She whispered, ‘sometimes you completely disarm me when you smile.’

I was suddenly grateful that She wouldn’t see the blush that spread across my face. She leaned down and let Her lips brush mine. I exhaled softly against Her face, Her tongue slipped gently into my mouth and I captured it with just my lips. I sucked on Her tongue, holding Her face so that She couldn’t escape. A perfect kiss.

I slowly wrapped my legs around Her hips and Her fake cock pressed against me, stealing into me silently. we moved with a gracefulness born from the knowledge we shared in each others bodies. we had danced to this tune many times before. Fingers tangled and entwined, breath caught, words of passion were whispered in gasps, skin slid across skin, muscles tightened and relaxed only to tighten again. She was my world.

‘Please?’ I pleaded.

‘Come with me.’ she gasped.

‘I am ready,’ I whispered and I was. I was simply waiting for Her.

She pushed into me again and again, then again and my body bucked as my semen spilled over me. She arched her back and shuddered as she pushed completely in me. I gasped and held her tightly, she stroked my hair and we kissed. our dance was complete.

She rolled to lie beside me, pulling me against Her, into Her arms. I started wriggling until I was comfortable and she stopped it by just holding me tighter, I growled my frustration of being help so tightly and she giggled. I felt Her smile.

‘That was awesome, sweetheart.’ She said kissing the very top of my head.

She breathed in my very masculine scent that she hopelessly loved.

‘yes it was, my darling.’ I whispered.

‘Now sleep.’ She said and we both did.

In fact, She is still sleeping. She didn’t ask me to wake Her at a certain time, so I am going to let Her sleep. When I spoke to Her last night before I went to bed She told me the chances of Her making it home before lunchtime today were slim to none so to wake and find Her in the bed with me was a pleasant surprise. To wake and discover She desired me was more delicious than I can find words for. To wake and make love with Her was just beautiful.

Sometimes the easy(!!) sex is all we need, even if we have done it dozens of times before.


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