As soon as She walked in the door that afternoon She was annoyed. She was annoyed about the flight, the incessant rain, water logging, and swarming insects. In fact, She was annoyed about everyone and everything. He figured She needed a nap and told Her so as soon as they got alone in his bedroom and predictably, this made Her annoyed with Him.

‘I do not need a nap.’ She snapped as she sat, taking off of her achy high heeled boots. He gave Her a perplexed look. He didn’t like Her attitude today.

‘Fine,’ He said. ‘Don’t have a nap then.’ he walked off into the kitchen to make Her some coffee. He also happened to mutter ‘cranky bitch’ under his breath. She heard him and followed him into the kitchen.

‘What did you say?’ She said. She was right behind him.

‘Nothing.’ He shrugged. She grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

‘What.did. you. say?’ She asked again, only this time slightly louder, pronouncing each word clearly. He bit his lip to keep from grinning.

‘I called you a cranky bitch.’ He said softly. She chuckled.

‘You have no idea just HOW cranky I can get.’ She said. Her voice was calculating. He looked into Her eyes and noticed that they had clouded over. He knew what was on Her mind. He wanted to laugh out loud. She had been an absolute bitch since She got home. She could not seriously be contemplating fucking him. She had started venting the second She got in the door and now he was just supposed to put out for Her? Not bloody likely.

She leaned towards him to kiss him and he turned away from Her and started towards washbasin. She grabbed him and spun him around again. She pushed him up against the kitchen counter. He was facing the counter with Her body pressed against him hard. She nuzzled against his neck.

‘What are you doing ?’ She whispered.

‘Making Coffee.’ He said a mixture of anger and excitement in his voice.

‘Fuck the Coffee,’ She said. ‘I want you. Now be a good boy and take your shorts off.’

She moved back far enough for him to turn around. She was still so very close to him. He didn’t dare say a word because he knew his voice would betray his arousal. He tried to step sideways and away from Her, but She was ready and stepped right in front of him, stopping him in his tracks.

‘I am going to fuck you.’ She said. ‘This can be fucking easy or it can be fucking hard, either way I get what I want. Now take off your damn clothes.’ She didn’t yell. She said it with quiet coldness. All he could think was ‘You arrogant bitch.’

He tried to use his body to push Her away. She pushed him back and slapped him, just lightly, across the face. He raised his hands to push Her away forcefully and She tricked him by knocking them away and slapped him again, harder this time.

A bit of a shock was all She needed. Fluidly, She grabbed his wrists pinning them together over his head. He tried to pull them out, putting all his weight onto them so that they would slip from Her grasp. She Smirked at him and held them taut with all of her might. She was ferocious when provoked.

He twisted and turned and She stepped closer and kissed him full on his lips, biting his lower lip a few seconds later. He was still trying to free his hands, but Her biting distracted him. He gave up trying with a painful sob. Knowing that he had stopped resisting already, She left his wrists free and tore his shorts down, grabbing and squeezing his balls through his briefs – a little more than he was able to take.

He let a loud groan out at that point, reaching to hold his sore scrotum, to ease the pain.

‘I told you it could be easy. But you don’t listen, do you?’ She said.

She had stepped away from him as he stood there, bent over a little bit, breathing deep, mind numbing pain shooting through his body. He struggled to keep his composure and She took advantage of this, grabbing his hair and dragging him to the central kitchen island, pulling a stool out from beneath the counter. She pushed him over it, face down and held him down. He could hardly think about moving let alone struggling. The cushioned seat of the stool was pressing into his belly and he had to hold onto the legs of the tall stool to keep from falling over.

Her hands picked up a knife from the counter top and she pressed the tip on his white cotton brief covered ass, dragging it down slowly. His brain registered the prickly touch of the knife and he kept as still as he could, not wanting to get hurt by that sharp edge, unintentionally. She trailed the knife down and up, gauging his reaction. When satisfied that he was completely focused on what She was doing, She slide the knife’s dull edge inside his undies and pushed them down to his thighs. In another swift move, she pushed his briefs further down to his calves with her fingers. Within a few seconds She sheared the briefs with the knife at left side. In less than a minute, his briefs were now lying useless on the floor, looped around his right ankle. She kicked and forced his legs apart for better access.

‘Don’t. Please stop.’ He begged. Dreadful that she still held the knife.

She put the knife back on counter with a loud clink and he took a long and stiff breath in, a little relieved. Although She had picked up something else, but he figured it could not be any worse than the knife. Or could it?

He felt Her pour a chilled bottle of water on his ass. He almost jumped up straight and She slapped him hard on his cheek, pushing him down again. He was thoroughly wet waist down, shaking with the frostiness. She pressed a medium sized Rolling pin against his ass and He held perfectly still. She pushed it slowly, very slowly into him. He burst into tears. She pulled his head back by his hair.

‘You want me to stop, bitch?’ She asked.

‘No.’ He gasped.

‘No what?’ She demanded.

He sobbed.

‘Do. You. Want. Me. To. stop?’ She asked again.

‘No Master.’ He managed.

‘You like this don’t you?’

‘Yes Master.’

‘You want to be raped.’

‘Yes Master.’

‘You really are a slut, isn’t it?’ Her fingers made the rolling pin work his ass like a dildo would.

‘Yes Master.’ He winced at the alien object invading his ass every time, though it was more because of humiliation then pain.

‘Tell me slut, are you mine?’ She continued talking to him in between strokes.

‘Yes Master, I am Yours.’ He whispered slowly, flushed with arousal.

‘Would you do anything to please me?’

‘Yes Master.’

‘Would you be my girl if I want you to?’ One of Her hands slid to his cock and She stroked it while She was fucking his ass.

‘Yes Master.’ He gasped again. She knew the imagery it was dreadful for him.

‘So long as?’ She asked.

‘As long …as Master …keeps …fucking …me.’

He came as he spoke those words. A spark of electricity running through his spine rolling into the next. He swore and struggled to get away from Her insistent fingers but he could hardly move. She called him names. Filthy, dirty, whorish names that made him come harder.

He needed Her to stop and He wanted her to keep fucking Him forever. He wanted Her to come.

She growled into his ear.

‘Do you want me to come in your ass, whore?’ She asked.

‘oh God, yes Master.’ he gasped out loud, closing his eyes.

‘Then say it, bitch. Tell me.’

‘Come in my ass. Please Master. I want it. I want your come deep in me. Please Master. Please?’

She grunted and jerked Her elbow, pushing the rolling pin deeper inside him. She pushed and pushed as if filling him with hot semen. She pulled the pin out and She collapsed against him as she felt the powerful surge of orgasm hit Her.

He stifled a moan of pain as the stool he was laying on bit into his lower abdomen with the added pressure of Her weight on top. He wiggled a bit to try and be comfortable, without disturbing her. After long painful seconds, She got the message and raised Herself off him, chuckling.

She pulled him up off the stool and held him close in Her arms.

‘I missed you so much.’ She said.

He kissed Her back with a huge goofy grin, ‘I missed You too.’


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