The Breakdown

He was walking across the kitchen with dishes when She grabbed him from behind and spinning him around She sank Her teeth into his neck from sideways, again.

He dropped a plate and it smashed on the floor. He practically jumped into Her arms at the sound. He tried to look at the mess he had made, shock and horror registering equally in his mind, but She already had a hold of his hair and She wasn’t about to let a broken plate make Her let go. She pulled his head sideways and thrust Her tongue into his mouth and he could taste the adrenaline running through her veins. He could also feel the hardness of Her strap-on poking at his back. He was hyped, wired and then completely up caught in Her lust. Suddenly it was his tongue pushing it’s way into Her mouth. She accepted it without complaint.

She shoved him onto the edge of the kitchen island and he lost all composure in his need. He pulled himself up after removing the only clothes on, his pants. She gripped His cock while he was trying to settle him self on the edge. He didn’t have the patience as he openly spread his self, and she responded with same intensity by probing in a swift move. In an act of wanton whorishness that would have caused him to blush right now, he did his absolute best to stuff Her strap-on into him. He moved & pushed, whimpering and grunting through his desperate need. Finally, She managed to enter him a little deeper. He grunted louder.

They were like two animals rutting, devouring each other in their heat. He tried so hard to grind himself against Her and quickly grew frustrated that it wasn’t going to happen deeply in the position they were in. The strength of Her thrusts were skidding him across the smooth surface no matter how tight his legs were wrapped around Her. She growled. She was frustrated too.

She let go for a moment, and grabbed his ass and pulled him down,turning and slamming his front into the other-side wall. Once more as he spread his legs trying not to loose the balance, she pushed Her cock into him.

‘Deeper,’ He begged. ‘oh God, please’ and he ground himself against Her.

He had no choice but to grunt each time Her “cock” was forced into him. It felt like She was trying to break through him and He still wanted more. She bit his neck hard and he must have pushed his own arousal through the wall at that. His knuckles turned white with pressure when he couldn’t contain his intense arousal and came.

She pulled his face sideways again, thrust Her tongue into his mouth and he tasted his own blood. he sobbed a little as Her cock still exploited his insides. Her knees buckled as She reached Her orgasm, yet She managed to hold Herself up as She stood there, leaning on him, panting.

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman mindless with pleasure, especially when it is pleasure the man have brought Her.

She slipped Her strap on out of him and wrapped him in Her arms from behind. He managed to stay standing, breathing heavily, though blissful. Neither of them were ready to let the other go.

After a minute, She turned him around, holding his face in Her hands. They kissed softly, whispering words of adoration, She reassuring him that he was cherished and safe. He comforting Her that She was loved no matter what.

‘Sorry about the plate.’ She said. It took him a moment to figure out what She meant. he looked down and there were pieces of it everywhere. he was part surprised and part amused as he had never known anything to shatter so completely, except maybe, him…


3 thoughts on “The Breakdown

  1. Everytime I read this and the other stories here ..I discover a new dimension.The stories begin with deep passion , unrestrained lust ,New dimensions of sexuality and my personal favourite …..end with deep tenderness.

    Keep writing….Keep spreading the very “special ” feeling……

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