The Party

He had quietly snuck away from the party goers. It was getting late (or early) and his head was swimming from the alcohol and the noise. He needed some space, some quiet, some air or he thought perhaps he would start to puke.

He glanced over his shoulder as he ducked between the trees. There was no one watching, he was sure. He disappeared into the darkness and felt the relief wash over him. While he knew he should be afraid to be down here on his own cause that area was not safe, he wasn’t. Trees had always been his sanctuary even when he was a little boy. They kept him hidden and safe.

He moved amongst the trees slowly, the cool night air barely touching his skin. The alcohol covered him with its false warmth. He heard a noise, a whisper, a movement of the air behind him and he turned quickly to discover no one was there. His heart started to race. It was a little darker than he thought it should be. The sounds of the party more subdued, far away. He had come further down than he had meant to and he started quickly to move back towards the light in his half-dazed state.

A hand came from the darkness behind him and clamped itself over his mouth. He was too surprised to shout or react anyway. Hot breath was against his neck and another arm around his waist. He could resist but he was too drunk to do that. He wasn’t going anywhere. He also didn’t struggle because he knew it would be his charming yet cruel One that had followed him. He smiled to himself at the game. She used her strength and his lack of resistance to push him into the trunk of a tree. He hit it much harder than he thought he should.

‘Hey, be careful,’ he whispered with a tinge of annoyance in his voice.’Shut the fuck up, bitch,’ came the hissing voice from behind him and he was shocked. Was it Her? Was that Someone else? It didn’t really sound like Her. My god what if it was not Her?

Her hands dealt with him quickly and efficiently, exuding confidence and arrogance as her fingers pried at his pants. He struggled soundlessly and again the cold voice hissed.

‘Don’t fucking move, bitch.’

He suppressed the urge to fight. It had to be Her. Who else would it be? Oh god please let it be Her and one of her evil plans.

His fear welled up inside him and threatened to spill from him in the vilest of ways. He fought to control the sudden need to throw up. His mind raced and he clung to the tree, the only solid thing in his life as he was exposed for any abuse by his tormentor.

She entered his ass quickly with a strap on, her hands gripping his waist and pulling him back onto her. His body shook from the force of each thrust. He sobbed dryly and clenched the tree tighter with his hands. His head was spinning and his stomach churning. She pressed her hard cock into him over and over again. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as far as She could. He whimpered like a wounded animal and the sound of his own fear frightened him more.

‘boy,’ She growled into his ear, ‘you are mine. Understand this, you are mine.’

He came with Her in shattering relief. His brain registered nothing but her pleasure and His. He choked on the sounds he was making, still fighting his churning stomach. She held onto him until He was done.

He gripped the tree for a while longer still needing it to stay upright. She pulled his pants back up into place and She stood behind him saying nothing, just breathing heavy and he assumed, watching him. When He turned to face Her, She was grinning. He suddenly felt like hugging her hard.

‘You’re cruel ,’ he spoke. ‘You scared me. You could have told me it was You.’

‘You knew,’ She shrugged. ‘Or you would have fought or shouted and every one would have come to see what was going on.’

He opened his mouth to protest some more but he knew that She was right. He had known She would be the only one to follow him. He had known that it was Her voice and especially that they were Her hands but he hadn’t wanted to admit it to himself. He had enjoyed being frightened, safe, but frightened, like being on a theme park ride. He wanted to be angry with Her so that he didn’t have to accept that he had liked being so out of control.

She put Her hand on his face and drew him closer.

‘My darling,’ She whispered and She kissed him ever so softly, he felt his heart melt. ‘Now, we have a party to get back to,’ She said.

He smiled and relaxed and held her hand into His, just feeling the warmth.
And when they were back amongst the people She gently bit him on the neck, just enough to leave a mark. Her mark. He understood.

He really did belong to Her.


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