After Dinner Walk

The walk back to the car after dinner was obviously the best part of the evening.

They hadn’t gotten to the restaurant till quite late and now the streets were almost deserted. Too bad it wasn’t that way when they arrived, they had to park quite away from the restaurant and walk a bit. The night was cool and clear and the walk quiet, he walked with his arm wrapped around her waist, to save her from occasional stumble she was so prone to.

As they walked, they peered into closed shop windows curiously. When they reached her car, she lingered at a shop window right beside the car and pushed him backward into its doorway, pressing her body against his and began kissing him with cute little giggles.

His hands quickly got bold too, feeling her lower back, her sexy ass. Next moment he felt her hold his hands firmly to stop him. She leaned back slightly and smiled at him with what seem to be a rather wicked smile.

Leaning forward again, she pulled his hands away from her waist and pushed them around him, holding his wrists together behind his back, gently biting his lower lip while kissing him. Her teasing with tongue and teeth along with her strong grip on his hands was beginning to have its effect on him. His cock began swelling as she pressed herself firmly, wedging him in the doorway, rubbing herself against him.

She moved her face closer to his, pressing her right cheek to his left. She nibbled his earlobe, running her tongue around the outer edge of his ear, which only served to inflame him more as he began trying to wriggle his arms out of her grasp to hug her, hold her.

“Stop that and behave yourself.” Her tone was firm now, different from the prior sweet mischievous girlishness. Her tongue continued its assault as she sucked his earlobe and he gave an involuntary groan of frustration.

Not only was she making him crazy licking and sucking his ear, but also her growing dominance was making him painfully hard.

“Do you want me?” she asked.

Biting back a flip reply or the growl of lust he wanted to make, he managed to get “Oh yes!” out in a coherent form.

“Do you want me… to fuck you?”

He closed his eyes, and moaned a “yesss!” again.

“Do you understand what I mean?” She said as she twisted his arm behind his back.

He almost yelled with pain, “YESS”

“Umm, good.” He felt her shift his both wrists together and in a grasp of her left palm behind his back. It wasn’t a strong grip, but he wasn’t planning to move his hands anyway.

She moved her free hand slowly over his ass and then around front to grab his cock through his jeans, wrenching a gasp from him. She began stroking him from outside as she kissed and bit his lips again.

She shifted her face next to him, looking in his eyes, and said “I want to take you… hard and deep. Like a man fucking a pretty girls brain out. You would want that too, wouldn’t you??”

He again managed a strangled ‘Yessss!’ but it was getting harder and harder to remain coherent, between the things she was saying to him and the insistent stroking.

“I want to spread your legs and fuck you till you can’t take it anymore. You know how I like it, rough and ruthless.”

He was beginning to groan every time she said a word, struggling a little to free his arms that were pinned back as he could feel the growing wetness inside his jeans.

She leaned back slightly and opened his jeans zipper, he was naked underneath, slutting himself out for her as always. He felt her reach into his pants and grab his cock that was quite wet by then, and rub her finger at the top. Removing her hand, she brought it to his mouth and rubbed the wetness over his lips. He was dazed, just staring at her, lost in lust. She moved closer, her lips slowly licking the wetness off his as they kissed again.

“Mmmm…” she put her hand on his pants again and began squeezing his balls. He was beginning to panic that she would make him cum right there and then. But she moved her hand behind, to his ass and pressed her body against him more. To onlookers it would seem like she was hugging him and making out, although there weren’t any around at that late hour.

He was making unintelligible noises as she toyed around with his hole. He had closed his eyes and was thinking of how it felt, being fucked, raped by her. He suddenly realized she was talking again.

“I would love to slide my fingers into your boycunt and fuck you right here. I know you like how that turns me on so much.”

He moaned, thinking of all the myriad times she had done so, so boldly.

She continued speaking, “It drives me insane right now, the desire to have you. Sure there would be so much comfort once we back at our house, but you know how I love to see you in agony, So do I fuck you right here instead my slut?”

He began kissing her madly in frenzy, “yes, no, please, yes”, not sure what he was implying. But sure enough he knew it wouldn’t matter. She would do it if she really wanted to.

She grabbed his ass tighter, pinching a little, clenching her jaw as she whispered, “Yes what?”

She knew what he was going to say, and how much she loved hearing that. So many times those words from his trembling lips had made her feel so hot, this time it was no different.

To her firm pinch, He groaned back with a whisper intertwined in a sigh, “Yes Master!”

She smiled and went in for a kill. Patience was not one of her best qualities anyway.


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