4 thoughts on “Erotica

  1. A lifetime compressed into such a brief time.A million dreams dreamed in a single restless night.The Night sweats which refuse to stop.The Visions which recur with obstinate permanence.Try so hard to change..Try so hard to end this..but it just comes back from beyond the invisible..

  2. I will rape you..A poem ? A feeling ? A recollection ?
    Maybe all three combined …raw ..savage..animalistic …With the familiar aftertaste of comfort..care …love.
    Keep writing.This world will become a dull and dreary place the day you stop…and I mean it.

  3. I woke last night ..and walked to my window ..I looked out as a cool breeze shook the rain soaked leaves ..It was a silent night ..I looked at the night sky ..The dark clouds lazily floating past the shining orb ..and I kept looking at the distant light..till I could not look any more …and I turned back ..to my bed . .got into it..blinked a few times ..and then closed my eyes..and let the night descend over me…

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